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Malcolm Linton and writer Jon Cohen present haunting images and stories from Tijuana, Mexico, to show the distance that separates aspiration from reality in the battle against HIV/ AIDS. Tomorrow reveals how poverty and social stigma fuel the spread of the disease among those on the margins of society.

Published in 2015, Tomorrow comes in a Flexibound edition with 80 full-page color photographs. It is for sale here packaged with Metamorphosis and as an e-book download. The book is available by itself from Amazon.

“This is a beautiful, heart-breaking and inspiring book,” wrote Daniel B. Cane in a review for Amazon. “The photographs and text work together to provide an immersive glimpse of human beings living in Tijuana on the streets, along an infamous concrete riverbed, and in clinics. This book illuminates on so many levels.”

“The project highlights through photos and interviews how the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tijuana is not just about Tijuana. It’s about the laws, policies and social and economic realities on both sides of the border … told through the stories of real people.”